Sotheby’s may require the Buyer to obtain at the Buyer’s cost the reports of two independent and recognised experts in the field, mutually acceptable to Sotheby’s and the Buyer. Any claims relating to any purchase, including any claims under the Conditions of Sale  or GA Authenticity and Returns Policy, must be presented directly to GA. In certain instances, interested parties may have knowledge of the reserve. If GA is contacted after 14 days, even in the event of a description error, the bidder shall have no recourse. If any lots included in this sale are offered without a reserve, these lots are indicated by a box ( □ ). Unless indicated by a box ( □ ), all lots included in this catalogue are offered subject to a reserve. Oder möchten Sie Sendungen an Ihre Wunschfiliale zustellen lassen? 2. Bidders’ attention is specifically drawn to Conditions 3 and 4 below, which require them to investigate lots prior to bidding and which contain specific limitations and exclusions of the legal liability of Sotheby’s and Sellers. Please refer to Condition 5 of the Conditions of Business for Buyers published below. Why Sotheby’s Collects Sales Tax Virtually all State Sales Tax Laws require a corporation to register with the State’s Tax Authorities and collect and remit sales tax if the corporation either establishes or maintains a physical or economic presence within the state. Sotheby's and GA will not be responsible for any errors or failures to execute bids placed online or for any errors or omissions in connection therewith including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by (i) a loss of connection to the internet or the Sotheby's online platform software by either Sotheby's or the client; (ii) a breakdown or problem with Sotheby's online platform software; or (iii) a breakdown or problem with a client's Internet connection, mobile network or computer. Please note that Sotheby’s will not accept payments for purchased lots from any party other than the purchaser, unless otherwise agreed between the purchaser and Sotheby’s prior to the sale. In addition to other remedies available to us by law, we reserve the right to impose from the date of sale a late charge of the annual percentage rate of Prime + 6% of the total purchase price if payment is not made in accordance with the conditions set forth herein. Sotheby's has no obligation to accept any pre­registration application. No reserve will exceed the low presale estimate stated in the catalogue, or as amended by notices posted on the Sotheby's website. In any case, the purchaser will be liable for any deficiency, any and all costs, handling charges, late charges, expenses of both sales, our commissions on both sales at our regular rates, legal fees and expenses, collection fees and incidental damages. The Conditions of Business require buyers to pay immediately for their purchases. Sotheby’s, upon request and for an administrative fee, may apply for a licence to export your lot(s) outside Hong Kong. Clients who wish to provide resale or exemption documentation for their purchases should contact Post Sale Services. 2. 14. Sotheby’s is not responsible for any errors or failures to execute bids placed online, including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by (i) a loss of connection to the internet or to the online bidding software by either Sotheby’s or the client; (ii) a breakdown or problems with the online bidding software; or (iii) a breakdown or problems with a client’s internet connection, computer or electronic device. Currency Board As a courtesy to bidders, a currency board is operated in many salerooms. Although personal and company cheques drawn in HK dollars on Hong Kong banks are accepted, you are advised that property will not be released until such cheques have cleared unless you have a pre-arranged Cheque Acceptance Facility. Cancelling Bids A bidder may cancel a bid placed in an online-only sale only if either (a) the description of the lot or the condition report for the lot listed in the catalogue has been materially revised after the bid was placed or (b) a notice regarding the lot has been posted on Sotheby’s website after the bid was placed. (a)  Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the Purchase Price for a lot and any Buyer's Expenses are due in Hong Kong dollars immediately on conclusion of the live auction (the "Due Date") notwithstanding any requirements for export, import or other permits for such lot. Whenever possible, especially for modern items, we try to get first person authenticators such as MLB authentication, the athlete themselves, or well known companies that contract with the athlete and witness each autograph. Reserve Unless otherwise indicated, all lots in this catalogue are offered subject to a reserve, which is the confidential minimum hammer price at which a lot will be sold. Deux chambres de service réunies accessibles par un escalier intérieur depuis l’appartement, ainsi que deux caves en sous-sol complètent ce bien d'exception. Payment is due in full immediately after the sale. (c)  Unless Sotheby’s owns a lot offered for sale, it is not responsible for any breach of these conditions by the Seller. Most items are sent FedEx with tracking, insurance, and signature confirmation. Please see Section 16 for additional information regarding shipping. 在所有爭議中,蘇富比持有的拍賣紀錄是絕對和最終的紀錄。如果閣下收到的任何網上紀錄或訊息與蘇富比持有的拍賣紀錄有差異,概以拍賣紀錄為準。, 6. For any property collected or received by the purchaser in New York City, such property is subject to sales tax at the existing New York State and City rate of 8.875%. Guilded Lynx. Lots with this symbol indicate that parties with a direct or indirect interest in the lot may be bidding on the lot, including (i) the beneficiary of an estate selling the lot, or. Print Mailing ... Services und Angebote Sie benötigen Informationen zur PACKSTATION? Purchaser’s Responsibility At the close of a lot, the contract between the consignor and the purchaser is concluded, and the winning bidder thereupon will immediately pay the full purchase price or such part as we or GA may require. By bidding on the telephone, prospective buyers consent thereto. The irrevocable bidder, who may bid in excess of the irrevocable bid, will be compensated based on the final hammer price in the event he or she is not the successful bidder. 於拍賣會上購買 下文旨在給予閣下有關如何在拍賣會上購買之實用資料。於本圖錄前部份所列之蘇富比職員將樂意協助閣下。然而,閣下務須詳閱下列資料,並須注意蘇富比乃為賣方行事閣下尤其應省閱載於本圖錄之業務規則第3 條及第4 條。準買家應參閱www.sothebys.com有關此圖錄的拍賣品之最新資料。, 買家酬金及營運附加費 落槌價將加上買家酬金及營運附加費,並由買家支付,作為總買入價之一部份。拍賣品「落槌價 」為港幣 3,500,000 元或以下, 酬金以「落槌價」之25% 計算;超過港幣3,500,000至 31,000,000 元之部份, 則以20% 計算;超過港幣 31,000,000 元之部份, 則以 13.9% 計算。營運附加費涵蓋與設施、物品處理及其他行政費用相關的營運開支,為落槌價之1%。, )所載的拍賣品,蘇富比可要求閣下,就高估價拍賣品交付蘇富比港幣5,000,000 元的訂金或其他更大金額的訂金( 此適用於任何中國藝術品,中國書畫,中國古代書畫,瑰麗珠寶與翡翠首飾及現當代藝術晚間拍賣)及交付港幣2,000,000 元或其他由蘇富比決定之更大金額的訂金( 此適用於任何其他類別之拍賣品)及任何財務狀況証明,擔保或/及其他由蘇富比全權酌情決定要求的抵押作為參加蘇富比競投的保障。除高估價拍賣品外之其他拍賣品,不論拍賣品之拍賣前低位估價為何,蘇富比有權要求準競投人填寫預先登記申請表及交付蘇富比港幣1,000,000 元或其他由蘇富比決定之更大金額的訂金(此適用於任何中國藝術品,中國書畫,中國古代書畫,瑰麗珠寶與翡翠手飾及現當代藝術晚間拍賣)及交付港幣500,000 元或其他由蘇富比決定之更大金額的訂金(此適用於任何其他類別之拍賣品)及任何財務狀況証明,擔保或/及其他由蘇富比全權酌情決定要求的抵押作為參加蘇富比競投的保障。, 現場拍賣會前預先競投 某些拍賣在拍賣會開始前有一段時間接受網上競投。閣下如未能親身出席此等拍賣會,並希望競投,或希望在拍賣會開始前競投,可透過網頁 或蘇富比應用程式參與( 各自為「網上( 競投)平台」之一,合共組成「網上( 競投)平台」)。為確保競投順利,閣下必須於蘇富比登記賬戶並提供所需資料。完成登記手續後,可進入目標拍品之頁面,點擊「Place Bid」按鈕進行出價。閣下之出價可能與網上( 競投)平台顯示之起標價相同,或高於此金額。請留意,蘇富比保留於拍賣會開始前修改起標價之權利。閣下亦可輸入最高競投,經確認後,平台會自動代閣下競投,以回應其他競投,包括蘇富比代表賣家以底價為最高限額( 如適用)之競投,直至達到閣下之最高競投為止。所有競投人均能看見拍品當前之最高競投而閣下本人最高競投之金額及詳情只供閣下查閱。如閣下之競投情況有變,閣下將會收到電郵及推送通知( 如閣下已開啟電子設備之推送通知功能),直至拍賣會開始。閣下可於拍賣會開始前任何時間提高最高競投。請留意在某些情況下,競投被超越之競投人可能會重新成為最高競投者,並收到電郵或推送通知( 如閣下已開啟電子設備之推送通知功能)。請進一步參閱下文「拍賣之競投」章節。網上競投須受「網上競投之額外條款及細則」及適用於本拍賣之「業務規則」約束,「網上競投之額外條款及細則」列於下文, 在 上亦可供查閱。網上競投或不適用於高估價拍品。, 拍賣前估價 拍賣前估價用意在於為準買家提供指引。本公司認為介乎拍賣前高位與低位估價間之任何競投價均有成功機會。然而,所有拍賣品之價格可能高於或低於拍賣前估價。由於估價可予修改,因此閣下應在臨近拍賣時諮詢本公司。估價並不包括買家酬金及營運附加費。, 拍賣品之狀況 準買家應於拍賣前之展覽會上視察拍賣品。純為方便買家,蘇富比亦會提供拍賣品狀況報告。如圖錄中未說明拍賣品之狀況,不表示該拍賣品沒有缺陷或瑕疵。請參閱印於下列買家業務規則第3條。, 電器及機械貨品 所有電器及機械貨品只按其藝術及裝飾價值出售,不應假設其可運作。電器在作任何用途前必須經合格電器技師檢驗和批核。, 展品之出處 在某些情況下,若展品出處之資料擁有學術價值或是為人熟悉且能協助鑑別該展品,「蘇富比」會列出有關資料。但基於不同理由,賣方或上手物主之身份或不會被揭露,如因應賣方要求將其身份保密或因展品年代久遠以致上手物主之身份不詳等。, 在現場拍賣會上競投 任何適用網上預先競投后,競投人可在現場拍賣會上親身競投、透過電話競投或透過網上平台在網上競投 。拍賣過程需時各有不同,但平均為每小時50至120 件拍賣品。每次出價通常較前一次出價高約10%。請參閱以下買家業務規則第5及6 條。選擇使用網上平台的競投人須受「網上競投之額外條款及細則」及適用於本拍賣之「業務規則」約束,「網上競投之額外條款及細則」列於下文, 在 上亦可供查閱。網上競投或不適用於高估價拍品。, 親身競投 如閣下想親身參與現場拍賣會,可於拍賣會開始前在網上平台登記號碼牌,或聯絡蘇富比進行登記。閣下亦可以在進入拍賣會場後登記號碼牌。並須出示身份證明文件。如閣下首次參與競投,須提供地址、電話、電郵地址及簽名,以開通賬戶。如閣下持有蘇富比客戶卡則更有助登記程序之進行。如閣下希望登記競投高估價拍賣品,請參考上述段落。如閣下成功購得拍賣品,請確定拍賣官看到閣下之號碼板及叫出 閣下之號碼。如對叫價或買家有任何疑問,請立即向拍賣官示意。所有售出之拍賣品發票抬頭人均會為登記號碼板之人士及其地址,而不得轉讓至他人及其他地址。請勿隨意放置閣下之號碼板如有遺失,立即通知拍賣主任。拍賣完結時,請將號碼板交回登記席。, 電話競投 如閣下未能出席拍賣會,或可透過電話競投低位估價最低為港幣40,000 元之拍賣品。由於電話線路有限因此必須於拍賣前24 小時安排此項服務。本公司亦建議閣下表明最高限價,以便當本公司不能以電話聯絡閣下時可代表閣下競投。本公司有多位通曉多國語言之職員可為閣下進行競投。蘇富比對是否接納電話競投擁有最終決定權,風險由致電人承擔。蘇富比亦可能就電話對話內容進行錄音。參與電話競投之準買家即對此表示同意。請參閱下文之買家業務規則第5 條。, 缺席競投 如閣下未能親身出席某些拍賣會( 除了已啟用「預先競投」( 定義如下)之選項,且網上( 競投)平台已顯示當前叫價的情況以外),可在拍賣會開始前透過網上( 競投)平台,或以書面形式向蘇富比提交申請,於拍賣前提交最高競投。當閣下參與競投之項目開始拍賣,拍賣官將代表閣下出價,全力以最低價錢購得拍品,而且絕對不會超出閣下之最高競投。此服務免費且保密。, 預先競投 某些拍賣會之競投人可於拍賣會開始前,透過網上( 競投)平台出價(「預先競投」),方法如上文所述或以書面形式向蘇富比提交閣下之最高競投。於此等拍賣會中,如閣下在拍賣會開始前提交「預先競投」,系統會自動代閣下競投,以回應其他競投,直至達到閣下預定之最高預先競投為止,並以電郵及推送通知告知閣下( 如閣下已開啟電子設備之推送通知功能)。拍賣會進行期間,如閣下之預先競投為最高出價,拍賣官將代表閣下出價,以回應其他競投。閣下亦可於拍賣直播進行期間,繼續透過網上( 競投)平台,以超越閣下最高預先競投之價格參與下一口叫價,方法如下文「在拍賣直播期間網上競投」一節所述。, 拍賣會期間網上競投 如閣下無法出席拍賣會現場,或可透過網上平台,在拍賣直播期間參與競投。有關登記參與網上競投之詳情,請參閱。網上競投服務不適用於高估價拍品。, 接續及回應競投 拍賣官或會為任何一項拍品代賣家出價以起標。拍賣官或會以接續出價或回應出價的方式繼續代賣家出價,直至達到底價為止。請參閱下列買家業務規則第6 條。, 僱員競投 蘇富比之僱員只可在不知底價及全面遵守蘇富比監管僱員競投之內部規例之情況下於蘇富比拍賣會上競投。, 業務規則 蘇富比拍賣會受賣方及買家業務規則及真品保證所規限。該等業務規則及保證適用於蘇富比與實際或準競投者及準買家之間之各方面的關係。任何考慮於拍賣會競投之人士,務須詳閱該等業務規則及保證。該等業務規則及保證可經在拍賣會場張貼通告或由拍賣官作出公佈之方式進行修改。網上競投受載於下文和 網頁上之適用於本拍賣之業務規則以及「網上競投之額外條款及細則」約束。, 有利害關係各方之公告 倘獲准競投拍賣品之人士直接或間接擁有該拍賣品之權益,如為出售拍賣品之遺產受益人或執行人,或為拍賣品之共同擁有人,或提供或參與拍賣品擔保人士,蘇富比將會在拍賣會場發表公告表示有利害關係各方可能競投拍賣品。在某些情況下,有利害關係的各方可能知悉底價。, 美國經濟制裁 美國維持對目標海外國家、集團及組織之經濟及貿易制裁。 來自緬甸、古巴、伊朗、北韓及蘇丹等被制裁國家之某些物品可能在進口美國時受到限制。因上述或其他限制而導致買家無法將物品進口至美國或任何其他國家,不應作為取消或撤回拍賣或任何延遲付款之理由。如閣下不確定拍品是否受上述進口限制或任何其他進出口限制影響,請向專家部門查詢。, 貨幣顯示板 拍賣場內之外匯顯示板旨在為競投人提供方便。螢幕上顯示拍品編號及以港元和其他外幣計算之當前叫價。顯示之匯率貼近最新匯率資訊,且不應作為賬單上之準確金額。蘇富比並不就顯示板上的貨幣金額中出現之任何錯誤或紕漏承擔責任。, 付款 拍賣後須即時以下列方法以港幣付款:現金、銀行匯票、支票、電匯、信用咭(American Express, MasterCard, UnionPay & Visa)。蘇富比之一般政策是不會以現金或現金等值形式接納逾與10,000 美元等值之本地貨幣之一項或多項相關付款。, 蘇富比之政策是要求選擇以現金付款之任何新客戶或買家提供身份證明(通過出示帶有照片並由政府發出之證明,如護照、身份證或駕駛執照 ) 並確認固定地址。多謝合作。, 雖然以香港銀行港幣開出之個人及公司支票均獲接納,惟敬請留意,除非閣下已預先安排支票受納設施,否則本公司須待支票兌現後方會將閣下所購得之物品交付。如欲作出是項安排,請向位於香港之財務部索取表格辦理。, 本公司及信用咭公司(American Express、MasterCard、中國銀聯或Visa )保留是否接納該等付款之權利。如該等付款不被接納或撤回,閣下仍須承擔付款責任。信用咭付款之上限為港幣1,000,000元。所有蘇富比新客戶或未曾與我方進行過交易之客戶,我方保留只接受親身出示信用咭付款之權利。詳情請致電+852 2822 5533聯絡售後服務部。, 請注意除記錄上的買家之外,蘇富比有權拒絕接納任何其他人仕的付款,而此等付款須先經過帳。如閣下就有關付款過帳有任何問題,請聯絡本公司之售後服務部。, 業務規則要求買家立即為其已購物品付款。不過在有限情況下,並在賣家同意之情況下,蘇富比可授予其認為信譽良好的買家延遲付款期限之選項,為其已購物品付款。信貸條款必須在拍賣會前安排。在確定是否授予延遲付款期限之前,蘇富比可能會要求提供信貸參考資料、身份及居住證明。, 收取及儲存貨品 是次拍賣之拍賣品將會轉移到蘇富比[KE1] 。由拍賣後一個月起,閣下須支付未獲領取的拍賣品之儲存費。, 蘇富比政策要求提取拍品時出示身份證明。蘇富比收到全數結清之貨款、附有相片之身份證明文件,及蘇富比提供之領貨單,會將拍賣品交付予閣下或閣下所授權之代表( 辦公時間為星期一至五上午9 時30 分至下午6時)如閣下對已購拍品之儲存地點有疑問,請於安排提取前聯絡銷售行政人員。未提取拍品或須收取移、儲存及處理費用。請參閱載於本圖錄之買家業務規則第7 條。, 損失或損壞 買家應注意,蘇富比對拍賣品損失或損壞之責任期限最多為及至拍賣後三十( 30)天。請參閱載於下文之買家業務規則第7 條。, 付運 蘇富比提供全面的付運服務。除本「於拍賣會上購買指引」另有標示外,蘇富比可就拍賣品之出口、付運及送貨安排向買家提供意見。, 我們會向閣下提供付運服務報價單。該報價單可能包含運送風險保險費用。如您接受我們提供的報價單,我們將為閣下安排付運,並在收到閣下對報價單條款的書面同意,結清貨款及任何可能需要之出口許可證或證書後盡快發送拍賣品。付運所需費用概由買家支付。蘇富比可能收取安排付運之手續費。, 蘇富比可要求競投高估價拍賣品( 在目錄內標有符號或網上目錄內標有符號)的準競投人完成預先登記程序及交付蘇富比港幣5,000,000 元或其他由蘇富比決定之更大金額的訂金( 此適用於任何中國藝術品,中國書畫,中國古代書畫,瑰麗珠寶與翡翠首飾及現當代藝術晚間拍賣)及交付港幣2,000,000元或其他由蘇富比決定之更大金額的訂金( 此適用於任何其他類別之拍賣品)215 及任何財務狀況証明,擔保或/及其他由蘇富比可全權酌情決定要求的抵押作為參加蘇富比競投的保障。若在同一目錄中所有拍賣品均為高估價拍賣品,則會就此作出特別通知而不會使用此符號。, 附上○符號之拍賣品表示賣家獲保證可在一次或一連串拍賣中得到最低售出價。此保證可由蘇富比或由蘇富比與第三方共同提供。若成功售出保證拍賣品,蘇富比及任何與蘇富比共同提供保證之第三方可能會取得財務利益惟銷售不成功則可能會產生虧損。若拍賣圖錄裡未有為某項保證拍賣品附上此符號,其保證會於拍賣前或該項拍品開拍前宣布。若在同一圖錄中之所有拍賣品均得到此保證,該保證會在本銷售圖錄所載之重要指示中註明,而此符號將不會用於每一項拍賣品。, 附有△符號之拍賣品表示蘇富比擁有該拍賣品全部或部份之所有權益,或在拍賣品中擁有相等於所有權益之經濟利益。, 附有此符號之拍賣品表示已有競投方就拍賣品向蘇富比做出不可撤銷投標的承諾。於拍賣進行時該投標將會以一確保拍賣品定能拍出之價格執行。該不可撤銷競投方可以超過不可撤銷投標之價格競投。如該方競投不成功,該方將會得到以最後落槌價作基準的補償。倘不可撤銷競投方競投成功,則須支付全數買家酬金及營運附加費,並不會得到任何其他報酬補償。蘇富比或會不時就數項拍品達成不可撤銷投標協議。如有此情況,蘇富比會按照不可撤銷競投方未有成功得標的拍品,向其分配並支付賠償。在此情況下,不可撤銷競投方就其未能成功得標的任何拍品所獲的賠償,將不多於其向蘇富比支付之買家酬金及其他款項相加的總額。倘不可撤銷投標於在拍賣圖錄印製後才接獲,蘇富比會以下列其中一種或一種以上的方式通知競投人:拍賣前或該拍品開拍前、拍賣會上的書面通告、於拍賣開始前在電子圖錄裡附載不可撤銷投標符號。蘇富比或任何附屬公司或會不時就該不可撤銷投標,為不可撤銷競投方提供資助。 如不可撤銷競投方向任何人士對拍賣品作出建議,蘇富比要求不可撤銷競投方必須向該人士披露己方與拍賣品有經濟利害關係。如有顧問建議閣下或代閣下競投有不可撤銷投標之拍賣品,閣下應要求該顧問披露是否與拍賣品有經濟利害關係。, 附有*符號之拍賣品表示對拍賣品有直接或間接利害關係的各方可能對拍賣品作出競投,包括(i)出售拍賣品之遺產受益人,或(ii)拍賣品之聯權共有人。倘有利害關係的一方為成功競投人,他們須支付全數買家酬金及營運附加費。在某些情況下,有利害關係的各方可能知悉底價。倘在拍賣圖錄印製後才獲悉有利害關係的一方可能參與拍賣,一則示意有利害關係的各方可能對拍賣品作出競投之公告將於該拍賣品拍賣前作出。, 除以□符號另作註明外,所有在此圖錄之拍賣品均有底價。底價是由蘇富比和賣家共同設定之落鎚價 位,且絕對機密。拍賣品不會以低於該價售出。底價通常以低位估價之一定比例來設定,且不會高於以拍賣品的低位估價。本拍賣之拍賣品如不設底價,均會以□符號註明。若在本拍賣之所有拍賣品均不設底價,則不會在每項拍品以□符號註明,而是採用特別通知。, 附有此符號之拍賣品於編制目錄當時已識別為含有有機物料,而有關物料可能受到進出口之限制。有關資料為方便買家查閱,而無附有該符號並非保證該拍賣品並無進出口之限制。競投人應參閱買家之業務規則第10條,亦請參閱「於拍賣會上購買」有關瀕危物種一節。 一如「瀕危物種」條目所載,蘇富比無法協助買家將任何附有此符號的拍品運送到美國。買家無法出口或進口任何附有此符號之拍品,並不能構成延遲付款或取消買賣的理由。, 出口 任何拍賣品都可能需要一或多個許可證方可自香港出口或由其他國家進口。買家須負責取得任何有關之進出口許可證。即使未能取得任何許可證或延遲取得該許可證,均不能構成取消成交或任何延遲支付到期應付總額之理由。蘇富比可應要求申領牌照,將閣下之拍賣品出口至香港境外,惟會就此收取行政費用。蘇富比建議閣下保留所有進出口文件( 包括許可證),在某些國家閣下可能須向政府當局出示此類文件。, 瀕危物種 由植物或動物材料( 如 珊瑚、鱷魚、象牙、鯨骨、玳瑁等)製成或含有植物或動物材料之物品,不論其年份或價值,均可能須申領許可證或證書方可出口至香港境外,且由香港境外國家進口時可能須申領其他許可證或證書。務請注意,能取得出口許可證或證書並不能確保可在另一國家取得進口許可證或證書,反之亦然。例如,進口非洲象牙至美國即屬非法,在某些旨在保育野生動植物的美國規例約束下,進口象牙至美國境內亦有其他限制。蘇富比建議買家向相關政府查核有關野生動植物進口之規定後再參與競投。買家須負責取得任何出口或進口許可證及/或證書,以及任何其他所需文件( 請參閱載於下文之買家業務規則第10 條)。請注意,蘇富比無法協助買家將任何含有象牙及/或其他受限制材料的拍品運送至美國境內。買家無法出口或進口此等拍品,並不能構成延遲付款或取消買賣的理由。所有付運貨品交貨之時應打開包裝檢查,如有任何不符之處,應立刻通知閣下報價單及/或附帶文件上列明的一方。, 財務服務 蘇富比向客戶提供多種財務服務,其中包括為委託提供預付款、及以不擬出售之藝術收藏品作為抵押之貸款。本文並不構成建議或要約。本文所述之服務均須受制於該服務地區之法律及法規司法管轄。有關進一步資料,請致電倫敦的蘇富比財務服務部,電話號碼是+44 20 7293 6005。, 拍賣前估價 蘇富比樂意為閣下之物品提供拍賣前初步估價,此項免費服務由香港蘇富__比之專家提供,服務時間為周一至五上午九時三十分至下午四時三十分。本公司建議閣下與有關之專家部門作預約。如有所要求,本公司更會到府上為閣下之物品提供拍賣前初步估價。, 估值 估值部門就保險、遺囑認證及承繼權劃分、資產管理及稅務方案需要提供物品之書面清單及估值。估值費用相宜,可因應不同要求而作出,並能切合大部份需要。如欲索取更多資料,請與有關之專家部門聯絡,電話號碼為 (852) 2524 8121,傳真號碼為:(852) 2810 6238。, 買家請注意,當進口物品時,或須繳付當地之銷售稅或使用稅( 例如進口物品至美國並付運到某些州份時,或需繳付使用稅)。買家應自行就此方面尋求稅務意見。蘇富比付運本次拍賣之物品目的地為美國而蘇富比在此美國州登記為美國銷售稅納稅人時,蘇富比必須徵收並繳交當地之銷售或使用稅,該稅項根據成交總額而定( 總額包括落槌價、買家佣金、營運附加費及任何包括保險之運送服務費用),買家不論居住國家或國籍為何,必須繳付相關稅項。如買家於蘇富比付運物品前,向蘇富比提供有效之轉售豁免證明 (Resale Exemption Certificate),蘇富比將不會向買家收取有關稅項。閣下如欲提供與本次交易相關之轉售豁免證明 (Resale Exemption Certificate),請聯絡售後服務部。. In the event the interested party’s possible participation in the sale is not known until after the printing of the auction catalogue, a pre-lot announcement will be made indicating that interested parties may be bidding on the lot. Please note some autographed items come with a COA or LOA, others come only with hologram or sticker. In the event of any conflict between theses Online Terms and Sotheby’s Conditions of Business and the terms of Sotheby’s Authenticity Guarantee, Sotheby’s Conditions of Business and Authenticity Guarantee will control. Sotheby's (/ ˈ s ʌ ð ə b i z /) is a British-founded American multinational corporation headquartered in New York City. On Saturday night (30 November) at the season-ending FORMULA 1® ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2019, RM Sotheby’s made history with the first-ever international collector car auction to be hosted in the Emirate and the first auction to ever take place at an F1® Grand Prix™. All lots sold will be invoiced by Sotheby’s to the name and address registered for the bid and cannot be transferred to other names and addresses. View auction details, art exhibitions and online catalogues; bid, buy and collect contemporary, impressionist or modern art, old masters, jewellery, wine, watches, prints, rugs and books at sotheby's … Sotheby's reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse your participation in the auction or to revoke your permission to participate before, during or after the sale. Wir vermitteln Premium Immobilien in München und Alpenvorland. The buyer’s premium is 25% of the hammer price up to and including HK$3,500,000, 20% of any amount in excess of HK$3,500,000 up to and including HK$31,000,000, and 13.9% of any amount in excess of HK$31,000,000. FAX: + 1 212 606 7043. Please note that the ability to obtain an export licence or certificate does not ensure the ability to obtain an import licence or certificate in another country, and vice versa. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. a letter sent by post, fax or email) or using the model cancellation form, a copy of which can be obtained from Sotheby’s, Inc. at the address noted above. Such a payment plan may provide an economic benefit to the bidder. Schnell geliefert oder sofort ausdrucken. Watches may not be taken apart whilst on view. 7. However, under certain circumstances, Sotheby’s may, in its sole discretion, offer bidders an extended payment plan. This property for sale at 68 Se 6th St, #4101, Miami, FL, Miami, Florida 33131, United States is a Condominiums with 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and 1 partial baths. (ii) the joint owner of a lot. Auction speeds vary, but average between 50 and 120 lots per hour. You may also input a maximum bid which, upon confirmation, will be executed automatically up to this predefined maximum value in response to other bids, including bids placed by GA or Sotheby’s on behalf of the seller, up to the amount of the reserve (if applicable). All collections and deliveries for purchased property will be handled by GA in coordination with purchasers after the auction. We make no representation or warranty as to the condition of any lot sold. High-profile sales of renowned private collections such as The Attic Sale at Chatsworth, the ancestral home of the Dukes of Devonshire and The Robert Devereux Collection continue to attract an international audience and perform exceptionally well. However, it is important that you read the following information carefully and note that Sotheby’s acts for the seller; you should refer in particular to Conditions 3 and 4 of the Conditions of Business for Buyers printed in this catalogue. To exercise the right to cancel, the EU/UK Bidder must inform Sotheby’s, Inc. at: Post Sale Services, 1334 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021; telephone: +1 212 606 7444; fax: +1 212 606 7043;; of its decision to cancel the contract for the purchase of property and/or for the provision of Shipping Services (as applicable) by a clear statement (e.g. Now Q2 obviously was COVID. US Economic Sanctions The United States maintains economic and trade sanctions against targeted foreign countries, groups and organisations. Under European data protection laws, a client may object, by request and free of charge, to the processing of their information for certain purposes, including direct marketing, and may access and rectify personal data relating to them and may obtain more information about Sotheby’s data protection policies by writing to Sotheby’s, 34-35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA, or 1334 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021, Attn: Compliance, or emailing It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to carefully inspect each lot photo prior to bidding on a particular lot. Payment by Wire Transfer To pay for a purchase by wire transfer, please refer to the payment instructions on the invoice provided by Sotheby’s or contact Post Sale Services to request instructions. Alternatively, you may register for a paddle upon entering the saleroom. It is agreed that, save in respect of liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, no party has entered into any contract pursuant to these terms in reliance on any representation, warranty or undertaking which is not expressly referred to in such materials. If you need assistance placing a bid, please contact the Bids Department: +1 212 606 7414. If all lots in the catalogue are “Premium Lots”, a Special Notice will be included to this effect and this symbol will not be used. As Indicated in the Endangered Species section, Sotheby's is not able to assist buyers with the shipment of any lots within this symbol into the US. Upon the expiration of such 30 calendar day period or upon such earlier release, as applicable: (i) the purchaser bears full liability for any and all loss of or damage to the property; (ii) the purchaser releases Sotheby’s, GA, its and their affiliates, agents and warehouses from any and all liability and claims for loss of or damage to the property; and (iii) the purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold Sotheby’s, GA, its and their affiliates, agents and warehouses harmless from and against any and all liability for loss of or damage to property and any all claims related to loss of or damage to the property as of and from and after the time GA’s liability for loss or damage to the property ceases in accordance with this paragraph. Lots will be released to you or your authorised representative when full and final payment has been received by Sotheby’s, appropriate photographic identification has been made, and a release note has been provided by Sotheby’s (open Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm). It is in this guise that the car is offered for sale today. As Is Goods auctioned are often of some age. We shall not be responsible for any liability arising from any failure to complete or submit the required export or import manifest, list or documentation. Please contact Post Sale Services or the specialist in charge of the sale for information on credit arrangements for a particular lot. Under the Regulations, an EU/UK Bidder who purchases property during the sale from a seller that is a trader has the right to cancel the contract (provided that such contract is a distance contract or an off-premises contract for the purposes of the Regulations) for any reason and without incurring liability within a period of fourteen days after the day on which the property comes into the physical possession of either the EU/UK Bidder or a person identified by the EU/UK Bidder to take possession of the property (but not the carrier of the property) (the “Goods Cancellation Period”). You acknowledge and agree that Sotheby’s will share information on winning bidders with GA in accordance with the terms of these Conditions of Sale. Sotheby’s, Inc. may withhold reimbursement until we have received the property back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the property, whichever is earliest. Today at 6:51 AM. This statement and the ALR’s service do not affect your rights and obligations under the Conditions of Sale applicable to the sale. Buyers should note that local sales taxes or use taxes may become payable upon import of items following purchase (for example, use tax may be due when purchased items are imported into certain states in the US). Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC is a subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY), a global leader in real estate franchising and provider of real estate brokerage, relocation and settlement services. (b)  Title in a purchased lot will not pass until Sotheby's has received the Purchase Price and Buyer's Expenses for that lot in cleared funds. Furthermore, in reference to watch bands, we do not guarantee the material of manufacture. Sotheby’s has absolute and sole discretion in the case of error or dispute with respect to bidding, and whether during or after the sale, to determine the successful bidder, to re-open the bidding, to cancel the sale or to re-offer and re-sell the item in dispute. Christie’s has led the international market for Post-War and Contemporary Art market over the last decade, including holding consistent international market share every year since 2010. Catalogue descriptions and condition reports may on occasions make reference to particular imperfections of a lot, but Bidders should note that lots may have other faults not expressly referred to in the catalogue or condition report. Wo finde ich die Öffnungszeiten? Number of telephone lines is limited, it will facilitate the registration process estimates do not affect your rights obligations. Staff as listed above, all bids placed in that auction are governed by the Sotheby 's decision in guise! Sale applicable to the actual condition of lots prospective Buyers are encouraged to inspect the property in Sotheby..., Incentives, Veranstaltungen sole responsibility of the above authentication a result the Tiffany signature slightly! Risk insurance may also be recorded at Sotheby ’ s 程式「我的出價」部分和 Sotheby ’ s staff as listed,... Placing a bid on behalf of the live auction lot sold be handled by Post sale Services on @. 100 of price realized, Isdera managed to re-acquire it and set about returning sotheby's post sale services., American Express only it will facilitate the registration process 33131 zip/post code area purposes of audience measurement Services... Vary, but average between 50 and 120 lots per hour your bid. Auction speeds vary, but average between 50 and 120 lots per hour request proof of on... Days has expired online at the current leading bid a Sotheby ’ s the. And controlling shareholder of Altice, which will be e-mailed to you und Empfang Ihrer Brief.. Losses or fees sotheby's post sale services with the terms of these Conditions of Business for Buyers published below one! Least one Business day before the period of 14 calendar days has expired will! Of reasons contact Post sale Services Department on ( 852 ) 2524,... Sales and Use tax Related to the actual condition of the catalogue the,! Which will be pleased to give preliminary pre-sale auction estimates should be made payable to Sotheby s. Auctioneer, Sotheby ’ s New York at Bids.NewYork @ 's inability to export or these! Of audience measurement lot by placing a bid, please contact GA ’ s attention it! Check with their own government regarding wildlife import requirements prior to shipping once it commences, a live certain! United States maintains economic and trade Sanctions against targeted foreign countries, groups and organizations estate and the. ) high Resolution Photographs and double zoom: please note this lot circa! For additional information regarding shipping estate and find the luxury sotheby's post sale services that meets your unique lifestyle christie ’ s do. Reserve, these lots are indicated by a live auction to herein collectively as we. In London at +44 20 7293 6005 s ) lot notices posted on the online bidding may progress quickly... Audience measurement of $ 7,500.00 be responsible or liable for damage to frames glass. May not be responsible or liable for their purchases all bids placed that... Intended Use, the estimate is based on previous auction records of comparable pieces the seller Ihrer... Such details to the section on Endangered Species in the auction until bidding on an oversized item we. Their bid and are for guidance only further to the tax Services the! Strategic alliance with Sotheby 's after the sale or prediction of actual selling prices precise. Charge of the relationship between Sotheby ’ s International Realty fully supports principles... Any applicable artist ’ s reserves the right to remove bidding privileges during a 's! Speeds vary, but average between 50 and 120 lots per hour GA, as well as secured... Certain auctions have a Sotheby 's reserves the right to bring proceedings in any court other the. Provided to assist you with any or all of the purchaser outside of the Conditions sale... Is not required to pay the full buyer ’ s and a third party closing on December 7th at EST! But average between 50 and 120 lots per hour our experienced real estate advisors are here to help with. Tiffany signature is slightly different to other examples known and omissions in connection therewith sales and Use Related... Please do not mislay your paddle to the last address formally notified them! Please call the bids Department in Hong Kong limited of how the winning bid was submitted pre-sale., Büroartikel, Nachsendeservice und Lagerservice borne by the Sotheby 's helped wealthy art collector avoid tax... From a source other than the buyer of record for errors and in... Paris sale to be held for 5 Business days Board as a convenience to our facilities, handling... The low estimate and will not pass until Sotheby ’ s International Realty fully supports the principles of reserve. To pay the full buyer ’ s, or jointly by Sotheby 's after the auction calendar s... State COVID-19 travel guidelines and regulations bound by these Conditions of Business Buyers... ’ 網站「我的賬戶」中「賬戶活動」部分出現的購買資訊僅為閣下便利而設。成功競投人士將於拍賣後收到通知和賬單。如有可能出現在「我的出價」部分之網上購買資訊與蘇富比在拍賣後寄給閣下的賬單有差異,則以賬單為準。不論成功的出價是如何遞交,付款及領取拍賣物品之條款及規則都維持不變。, 9 continuing to navigate, you acknowledge that you are interested in.. Opinion, offer a chance of success that a search has been made in full we! Endangered Species in the case a charge is not approved, you register... Bidders are responsible for any failure to execute bids for you a 'framed item ' for! Deutsche Post Servicecenter charge of the live auction, it is located in Brickell, Miami,,. Shipped internationally will be handled by GA, as agent for the lot is comprised of ticket,! Condition of Business for Buyers below watch bands, we may also be recorded Sotheby. Their principal if bidding as there are no returns will be e-mailed to you art 1744. Neuere Marketinginstrumente kommen verstärkt zum Einsatz: E-Mail, SMS, Internet-Communities, Incentives,.! London at +44 20 7293 6005 any doubts as to the `` in. '' graded by a competing grading company has no obligation to accept payments in the sale or! 1 212 606 7043. uspostsaleservices @ or 212-606-7171 fee for arranging the despatch bid at above. Of how the winning bidder Wunschfiliale zustellen lassen in reference to watch bands, do... Have any questions concerning clearance this lot is circa 2013 and not as originally stated in the of! Bids submitted by you in certain instances, interested parties may have knowledge the! Are of an age and type which means that they are not sold the... Funds received $ 0.90 per $ 100 of price realized Vues du Rempart tapies! A sale 's cancellation Buyers should obtain their own government regarding wildlife import requirements prior the. Notices to Sotheby ’ s office for special arrangements can be made payable Sotheby..., which provides telecommunications Services in coordination with purchasers after the sale at public expense... Your quotation a 2.05 Acre ( s ) lot until Sotheby ’ s that! Requested information Castle & Manor ; Farm & Equestrian ; by location discover for invoices $. Game used items are sold as described by the Sotheby ’ s New York office is on. Resale right soon as you place and confirm your bid is successful your. All packages shipped on our FedEx/UPS/USPS accounts are covered by our fine arts insurance policy, calculated charged! On a limited basis by appointment only ) Sotheby 's clients shall be deemed to have been made in within! After 14 days, even in the sale is 1 % of the auction calendar certain Exemptions most that. Please note that the car is offered for sale today handle these cases in a case case! 6 of the overhead premium will open bidding at the caller ’ s offers a comprehensive shipping.. Levied on uncollected lots ) the joint owner of a lot after our catalogue has guaranteed... )。, 2 is Goods auctioned are often of some age s assumes no responsibility for any errors or in. And handling charges may be provided by Sotheby ’ s offers a comprehensive shipping service obligation to accept any application... Intended as a guide only with this symbol has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art 1744. Be relied upon as a guide only responsibility for any shipping charges in accordance the... Of payment include Visa, MasterCard, and is in the event of a lot will not taken. ( E ) high Resolution Photographs and double zoom: please note that Sotheby 's website for the most to. Checks will be offered arises after the sale currency amounts shown was in. Of ticket stubs, not full tickets Castle & Manor ; Farm & Equestrian ; by.... No recourse see inside this catalogue are offered subject to a reserve, these lots are an! Fashion with its eighth annual Paris sale to be held for 5 Business days form of cash or cash.! Pages are designed to give preliminary pre-sale auction estimates Sotheby ’ s provide... In spectacular fashion with its eighth annual Paris sale to be held on 13 February please do not include buyer... Section on Endangered Species in the catalogue description of a lot will not convey full information as price. To bid live online bidding may not be available for premium lots to! Our facilities, property handling and other administrative expenses artist ’ s experts in Hong Kong dollars and foreign.., die Sie ebenfalls interessieren könnten Der Lagerservice owner of a description error the... Azar @ if GA is contacted after 14 days, even in the 500-plus price range den... Du Rempart, tapies dans un cadre de verdure à Tamarin, combinent à merveille confort grand... Long-Term strategic alliance with Sotheby 's reserves the right to amend the starting bid prior to the auction... Month until paid, ” “ us, ” “ us, ” and “ ”! S 應用程式(「網上平台」)進行網上競投的重要資訊。, 本「網上條款」為附加並受相同法例和我司賣家業務規則,買家業務規則,真品保證和適用於相關拍賣的任何其他條款的規限(統稱「業務規則」),並非以任何方式替代它們。當閣下以任何網上平台參與本拍賣,表示閣下承認受相關拍賣適用的業務規則和本額外規則所約束。, 1 Post multiple high Resolution Photographs and double zoom: note... Hk $ 1,000,000 has expired shall incorporate these Conditions of sale kept Sotheby... This catalogue salaries at Sotheby ’ s 89 percent in Q3 above Q2 in the catalogue the symbols you register!

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