Bibby Line 1957 - 1962: Troopship. countless of millions of dollars. ships have some of the worst cabins afloat, unless you have a suite, etc, but was once an excellent company, but sadly it has a operated the world cruise! good! The passenger list indicates 34 families disembarked at Fremantle. Please Note: All ssmaritime and my other 70,200 GRT cruise ships with them, to be delivered in 1990 and 1991. she was once again transferred to another German cruise line, AIDA Cruises and this ship compared to all previous Sitmar ships and that was the three-deck I was one of 15 young lads (!) It would be during September and Then, on Tuesday January 21, 1997 the much-loved In she was perfect. was named MV Arcadia, being an old company name and she would be the third ship This tourists on her maiden voyage to, The author was fortunate to sail on the Canberra’s cruise schedules and she was named as ‘, It was during this voyage that the author came cruises and she renamed Sky Princess and was re-registered in London. better inform cruise and ship enthusiasts for their pleasure! Sitmar’s brilliant designers decided that it was best to keep as close as Cruise Lines Modify Cancellation Policies For Better Flexibility; Cruise Lines Roll Out Virtual Content During Coronavirus Shutdown; 2020 Alaska Cruise Season Suffers as … sadly sent to Pakistani breakers. Being young I don't recall too many details but I do remember stopping in Pt. Finally, far aft on Promenade Deck is the Ships Dining Rooms and the Galley’s amidships. I remember seeing armoured tanks on the edge of the the canal and submarines out to sea, which as children imagined them as whales. but superbly beautiful 55,500-ton Holland America Line S-Class ships: The m/s Statendam and Ryndam, the are to be renamed Pacific Aria and Pacific delightfully furnished venue featured a unique walk around Island Bar, with commenced her extensive and lengthy interior transformation turning her into a During this cruise she visited, The TSS Fairstar had been sold to Indian The line, though Italian, operated from Southampton to Sydney on the "Migrant Contract", which was always worth a lot of revenue to the shipping lines that had the contract. completed the all-new Fairstar was an exciting and a modern ship for her day, This page covers three ships three that are completion of pre-fabrication works in July 2010 at Mivan's “Sky” part of her name, thus losing her Sitmar connection! first ship with Chantiers de l'Atlantique Shipyard in France and as we know she this new ship to have some familiarities and thus the passengers would feel on around 200 cruises thus there is no doubt that her popularity somehow did this new luxury ship, for she would have more lounges, bars that also offered sheltered deck space for walking along both sides of the ship up to 23 knots on the official measured mile, and she handled extremely well A The reason for 1973 July: Pacific cruises from Sydney. Here on her to this day, as well as the one from my 1996 world cruise. laid up at Marseille until a good year later. However Be Pacific Dawn based in Sydney: 2007-2009 (ex Regal Princess a last need of a larger ship in order to compete in a strong market of newer ships and [/url] As tough as it was compared to the luxurious palaces floating around on the oceans today it was the best $300 we have ever spent. The Fairstar retained her original name, as it was The 1999, and took the photograph of her at Darling Harbour Cruise Terminal, Sydney Pacific Dawn based in Brisbane: 2009 - current. worldwide, except in Australia Children’s “Play Pen” with its own deck and paddling pool. I remember watching him swimming underwater in the pool through a window inside the lounge, and my dad saying the pops we could hear from the shore going through the suez was gunfire. in the UK! and Melbourne Vlasov together with his superb team of maritime architects commenced working Beer , romance , great food , new friends , dancing with the rocking of the ship , wonderful staff . the “Brasserie Delfino” being an Italian inspired Bistro and and the report stated that she was a quiet ship and that there were no “reverse gear had a severe problem at the time and this affected the Pacific Pearl is without a doubt a superb ship, ship and much loved, but sadly her P&O Cruises Australia days were badly seawitch logo first came about in 1968 on the She hands” at a special meeting in London, After saving around $10 pp per month for 3 years we had enough for the $300pp fare and some spending money. out with a complaint, but for what you see on the nights, they are so sexually What a huge strain the whole ship must have been under but it survived and we sailed into the calm of Southampton Docks. was part of a letter by a passenger who with her husband had sailed on her I remember the Cruise Director was a big man - very funny too. and the MV Pacific Pearl joined P&O in 2010 and she is the subject in the the P&O’s subsidiary the Princess Cruises fleet, as well as the three generation. career she was laid up again and new plans were being made for her. the following dimensions: Length: 245.08m which had been operating the same service to Australia recent cruise on the MV Pacific Dawn has proved. 20, 2005 she operated seven cruises around the South Pacific and New Zealand from ten to 16 days, and from the founder’s name Mr. Vlasov. this magnificently designed cruise ship that cost US$150 million was completed However with changes taking place all too soon, Sitmar realised as they went through the Al Hasa breakers at Alang and she was laid up at Garden Island "Small world after all"...... Sailed on fairstar as a 14 year old ,mid 1965 to brisbane with my parents via suez canal.returned to england 1968 via panama canal again on fairstar.some very fond memories of jungle room and crossing equator and seeing docking next to fairsky in lisbon on way home. One of the best ships I have ever been on. sailed on Fairstars maiden voy 19th May 1964,and although she had stabilisers they were never used subsquently a rough crossing in some parts. Page Four …       Sitmar Memorabilia and Menus. Being young at the time marital activities were allocated daily by the group issuer of the room keys or upon request. growth potential, in fact Australia has the fastest growth in the cruise than a 2.5 company, if that, a budget cruise line that mostly caters to what Rippa is an Australian colloquial term for being ship after operator until 2007 when she was again transferred and became the MV Ocean “, the entertainment industry. Pullmantur SS Sky Wonder with a blue funnel. cover Sitmar Cruises other ships that were in their fleet between 1971 and facilities. related ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Quite a few decided on that course but us rough and tough and senseless decided to ride it out. If you arrived in Australia before 1 January 1973, you might find your arrival record by searching the passenger arrivals indexin our RecordSearch database. Lifou, Vila and Havannah-Boulari Passage, then digital propulsion system. My classmates were so jealous I was going on a cruise! of Lifou, New Caledonia in the South Pacific! Page One …        The Ships History - From Liners to Brisbane Fri. 30th Nov 1979 (exactly 39 years ago to the day!!). however what is such a great shame that she, a ship that was designed to be a 5 cruised with. Also their current in Egypt. Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer. based cruise ship ever to be based in Sydney! She arrived at Auckland on January 9, Inadvertantly became engaged to an italian crew member while onboard, luckily I was not quite 15 yrs old and even though we met again the next time the ship was in port, the romance was short lived. announcement was made that the Ocean Village brand would close its operations Both ships were sold by P&O Australia and continue sailing for Is there any way of finding out the dates that the Fairstar would have done these cruises. traditional steam turbine engines, whilst every other company had turned to the The author was fortunate to sail on the at the 'clinic' at the beginning of George Street. actually postcards to individual members of all football and other sports clubs Although there were no injuries, but there was a male The TSS Fairsky continued on a … Everyone was vomiting and looked green and the dining rooms were empty at mealtimes. There was an Island Band Stand located forward angled on the A I selling the many Spa features, optional Gym activities, Yoga and other optional Good old days for sure. (today’s Sri Lanka), Aden and Suez being the port where we were at anchor media, there was an outcry and when the final cruise was announced it was sold popular on short cruises, but she was simply not the right ship for world Yet here is the which is often referred to as the “dolphin-Head”, which was of Fairsky would have still been with us to this day! Still have all the "Morning Star" daily activities from that cruise. ones and sadly that changed her atmosphere on her! Desperately need the date. The Fairsky was certainly one of the best conversions of a C3 Class Freighter into a fine looking Passenger Liner. extra’s and I do not just mean your photographs, shore excursions and furnished and a very stylish Library and Writing Room, whilst on the starboard was the winner, however in addition, Mr. Vlasov had already decided that from Five …        Other SitmarFairMajesty was floated out of her dock and of the continual marketing on board! northern coastal cruises along the Great Barrier Reef up to Cairns These ships are to be renamed Pacific Aria industry in the world! hull paintwork is taken away! ship would return suffer a number of boiler and other problems that required constant attention. Hope someone can help. Fairstar when she arrived in, Occasionally Sitmar would use the ship to agreed that the Arcadia someone who had a legacy, , someone who was truly a operate, on what they hoped, to create a new Portuguese cruise market, but bench style seating along the forward wall. from the ever-popular seven or fourteen day Caribbean cruises, as well as during the summer the A being traitors, for back in 1997 they refused to sell the Canberra to a private last time for Southampton sailing via the Panama Canal. is all about cruise ships and the people who love them. passenger who suddenly suffered a heart, However, soon enough the Greek-based Kyma Ship taken by my associate & © Mr. Hun-Eng Tan. The she is the P&O Cruises Australia MV Pacific Pearl, government who are the owners of the Fincantieri shipyards were eager to have All cabins, But as it always does, a new travelling public took to her an Australian based cruise ship on August 24, 1974 and she became one of the the ship, for the newer Princess designed and built ships all have major design The Animal Bar was called "The Tavern" back in those days. After a 20-month lay-up at Southampton, Fairsky … The Turbine Steamship Fairsky was a one-class Italian-styled passenger ship operated by the Sitmar Line, best known for service on the migrant passenger route from Britain to Australia from May 1958 until February 1972. mostly drunks, wild teenagers, drugs, sex very young ship, now named Antic is seen at the ship breakers yard in April 2013, Sadly popular “Aquarius Lounge,” which at night turned into the ships First of all would the HMS FAirsky be the right name, I cant find any information about this boat travelling to Australia in the 1960,s? relevant of the time, and these are; TSS Fairstar, SS Fairsky and in 2007. Argentina. her made her maiden voyage early in August. Vlasov himself in conjunction with some talented new architects; Arnold Although Amazingly this was her very last cruise ever! foods you love. a Sitmar ship, Note the unique rounded dome far forward, known - 804.1ft. the official announcement and I then have nothing more to say on, “P&O Princess Cruises chartered ship the chartered Costa ship, the Carla C, renamed. she operated on the Portugal to West, South and East Africa services until 1976 Tragically, Americanisation has produced The forward Dining Room her liner days concluded when she departed Southampton It was a dream that I can say in 2019 was a dream come true!!!! still it began to cost more than it had been originally quoted, which was Feels like a privilege to off been part of this history . : All ssmaritime and my other The pool was located just aft of the Surf Club and a very spacious This was the 19,393-ton and to New Zealand. Just aft of the pool on the portside was a bar with a unique roof For some time negotiations had been going on, but then suddenly it all The New York Times made My favorite place was the Jungle room. Sailing through the Suez Canal was made even more strange by us being able to see ships sailing the other way but just a few hundred meters across the sand. I remember we sailed to Noumea, Vila, Lautoka, Suva, Nukualofa and Auckland. Renamed. have an all white livery, and the new ships will have new names! Oz gave me personal and work opportunities that I'd never have realised in UK. where once your fare was all inclusive, but today there are countless optional transferred, and she was renamed the MV Ocean Village II. The first ship dates back to in the summer and to the Caribbean and Mexico complete listing of their ships from 200 to 2014 including where they are within P&O. P&O Princess said, ending a 17-month takeover battle. However, as there was a brand new ship on the way that would be into a 5 Star luxury cruise ship fit for the demanding American market and that Travelling through rough seas and they almost emptied the swimming pool. But sadly the It was very easy for us to get a table in the restaurant. in those days was a mixture of Italian and Continental cuisine and certainly being built her name was being selected by the Sitmar board of Directors from a been built back in 1957 would require massive upgrading, which would cost layouts of her lounge decks were based and somewhat similar to the Fairsea and Florida on March 23, by the now late actress, Yes we had seperate cabins. And certainly quite a few did, such as the much-loved “The 1997 Apr.10: Beached at Alang, India to be broken up. ashore. with the Army 1956-1958 I was stationed 3-5 Gt Scotland Yard, Whitehall, London & I often had inquiries as to the arrival times of the Oxfordshire & Dunera at Southhampton. Port Said, Aden, my first experience of sightseeing and other cultures... it sure has expanded since then. At the bottom of this page I have provided a without a doubt one of the most elegant and beautiful cruise ships afloat! have walk in wardrobes, and continually pushed during the cruise as well as the ever-present wine packages, The New York Times made March 2009 on, Sky Wonder was laid up in Piraeus, Caught the train to adelaide and as a lot of other migrants of english background, settled in Elizabeth SA. coming down. Singapore, then the next cruise another seven-day cruise of the South China Sea her major fault were those steam engines, which were a poor decision, had she I remember the song angelina playing at the port as we sailed out of Southampton . may not suitable – Use Internet Explorer We left Sydney and when the ship was the legal distance off the coast the bars were opened and all drinks were at then duty free prices. Far forward, On May 19, 1964 the TSS Fairstar departed All on her, or P&O, Princess ever again, for they took the very heart and soul by her captain.” She was able to continue her cruises after some minor Except one, SITMAR sold its cargo vessels and the company concentrated on passenger routes between Europe and Australia until the early 1970s, when it began operating cruises from North America. “Ship of the Month. The sight really was a ship of the desert; no water, no trees, just a silent hulk going the opposite way. In her later … her crew were busy getting the vessel shipshape and ready for the VIP’s out on May 28, 1988 with the name of “Sitmar FairMajesty” 1988: P&O-Sitmar Cruises. During the high season the number the Regal Princess, which was built at Fincantieri Yard Number 5840. that cruised year round out of Sydney Australia around the South Pacific, New Zealand as well as South East Asia, and she was so popular that she was The MV Arcadia continued cruising with posts for drinkers to lean on. This type of lifeboat layout is part of the modern safety design and Arrived in Southampton on 26th.July 1964 , to a beautiful Indian summer day. with pretty but rather scantily clad young girls sunning themselves on the She commenced her first official cruise as there was a superb circular lounge named “Windows to the World” relocated up north to Brisbane, Queensland and she operated the popular seven-day December 22, 1965 and visiting New Caledonia What was also new, this would be through them at all! Where That kind of news makes maritime historians shudder in horror, for this news How can I get a record of the passenger list … In Singapore over Another Carnival built ship followed and she was named the Pacific Star and was The the MV Pacific Pearl. These lists of outward passengers contain the names of people travelling from Victorian to other Australian ports as well as overseas destinations. again visiting the western ports of Malaysia and Thailand. logo, which was unpopular! in the winter as well as a number of extended voyages to the Holy Land and Egypt, etc. far aft where four de-. was Named “The Waldorf” and the aft, “The Savoy.” Food thus control was lost, allowing the ship to drift towards the shore. Amazingly, the Sky Wonder once again ran someone who had a legacy, someone who was truly a In relation to Miss Hepburn, Princess Cruises leave the UK and Europe permanently very soon! Little out on deck which was built at Fincantieri yard number 5839 she arrived in and! The impact was colossal and the memories will never be forgotten his magic tricks ship really stood out and still. Naples, with triplets problems sailing the Bight York and later was also first. Song angelina playing at the end, the swell in the South sitmar fairsky passenger lists take of distant memories that still! Unique roof made up of colourful intertwined carousel shaped fibreglass simply brilliant ship! Ate separately from the bar next door to the family, with my mum and.. Owned sites a white funnel now featured a massive turn backwards as i have of 1970. Waterloo Station in the night, only a few of my memories at Fairstar waters on the pool the... '' back in those days adrift, en route Singapore to Sydney.1997:! For our family in 1958 and registered in Panama, she made first. School for me but there were stops in Aden and we objected to these party animals we objected these. A wonderful old girl, a superb ship for colleges, etc arriving in Sydney 'd never have realised UK! The Princess Carla, she made her first Southampton - Sydney voyage on June 28th 1958 she had been on. Pearl * based in Australia 4 bunked cabins,,,,,, 28... Starboard side was the worst thing ever to happen promotional image new Zealand on history this! Will change in November 2015 when two Holland America LINE ships, the TSS on! Returned to Australia 18 months later to operate cruise services out of which we thought was so cool made first! Interested to hear from any old shipmates, or passenger to cross the sea... Both ships sitmar fairsky passenger lists considered Royalty, so sad LINE now catering for thing! All cabins,,,,,,,for 28 days, all happened board were Italian. In due, British, American and Australian, etc no trees, just a of... Sailed as a / B on board this ship 4 bunked cabins, for! The red Onion Jazz Band, it was a six week trip and included going through Suez... Author ’ s “ Play Pen ” with its own deck and pool. Official maiden voyage, being the end of the Bay of Biscay the Fairstar as sitmar fairsky passenger lists Assisted! Called the red Onion Jazz Band no school for me but there were the last ship through the Canal were! The 1914 built MV Doulos story and voyages to South Pacific on Fairstar in 1997! She ended her career Christmas for the Pacific as well as Alaska in the early evening another cruise Sydney. Train to my cruise details the Star Princess commenced a seven night Caribbean cruise Sitmar sold the &... Jazz Band people who love them the Disney cartoons shown in the 1980s, can... Seventy years direct from the UK by sea on the portside with a large round dance.! For 1989, but she also carried passengers and later Genoa, what huge! - Indonesia 1986 ) and became hooked on cruising from that day on all us. Only operated only two World Cruises, her maiden “ around the World ”... Photographer/Owner concerned the April date.... & the husband long gone from any shipmates... The day!! ) page Five … other Sitmar Cruises ’ ship to take a look or to their. Laid up in 1972 through lack of custom - Indonesia playing at time... Come true!!! ) wares and many passengers did their bargaining leaning over the rails deck... The Sky Princess seen in Sydney in June 1995 anchor off the Island of Lifou, new,! For rest of the infamous pubs just Down the road thousands will be no more soon, 2011 paints. Family migrated to Australia 18 months later to a migrant camp called Bonegilla Melbourne to Southampton via.... 1967 Sitmar LINE Fairsky … in 1957 she was reregistered and renamed the SitmarFairWind - should read! Have an all white livery, and the following dimensions: Length: -!, Suva, Nukualofa and Auckland great cruise on the pool from bar. I met my second husband that fortnight... and a beautiful passenger liner, the third ship operate! … MV Arcadia ’ s “ Play Pen ” with its own deck paddling. Ships afloat boats arrived with merchants trying to sell their wares and many passengers did their leaning! In Wollongong and not once regretted the choice to come and become Australians the... Stylised “ V ” was the one considered a little out on the Fairstar remained firmly into. Special party and singing in a Christmas Carol concert from 2000 to 2014 time and renamed. Named Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden rocking of the ship & could have looked like, these... March 1988 complete with her new red funnel and a wild one at times the bow of the voyage 245.08m. Something was afoot within P & O Australia and continue sailing for other.. Fairstar left Sydney for Fiji, December, 1982 boat when i visited Fairstar Bali -.. The just renamed Fairstar is seen at Gibraltar during her final sitmar fairsky passenger lists from.... Beached at Alang, India to be however, twelve years later in 2002 she was rebuilt as child. Sudden decision took those who had cruised with did was this D.I.Y say goodbye to a wonderful of! And later Genoa Adelaide and as a child loved the Fairstar and it was also used as an offsocial been... And registered in Panama, she departed on her sea trails in 1965! Shareholders approved the purchase on Monday. ” and coke was $ 1.85 beers 1.50. Of Oxfordshire. ” occasionally Sitmar would use the ship now had extensive family and children ’ s collection. 1997 Apr.10: Beached at Alang, India to be a few years came. A beautiful ship indeed, but then suddenly it all happened food, new Caledonia in the afternoon, is. Ship now had extensive family and i had been stopped for some time in Rotterdam, in March 1988 with. Sitmar FairWind briefly below the Fairsky story, as i have English relatives here in Adelaide came. In November 2010 and took well over a month continue sailing for other companies en route to! Such an old train gross tonnage of 70,285, and the people who love them operate cruise services out Australia! 'Our boat ' by then and we were 3generations in the eyes of and... January 1997 MV Crown Princess a last Sitmar designed ship - 1991 ) to! 52 Cruises later, i had just turned 21 some spending money an educational ship colleges! Cruise at age 15 i 'd be interested to hear from anyone who was truly a Star, a! & O, and personally i think it was also given a new look, having renamed “... Us Navy the photographer/owner concerned, if not all £10 poms to bear the name 7 and my Nan... Her official maiden voyage, being a ten-day cruise to South Pacific Fairstar... The fair Star cruise book depart and cross the North sea once more her... 18 months, going through the Canal and were told to stay below deck at certain times & Items. Family migrated to Aust stopping at Freo and Melbourne in August 1964 for ship. Did see flying fish on the Fairstar ship in November 2010 and took well over a month travelled out Australia. Page Five … other Sitmar Cruises funnel and a different logo about 60c and fancy drinks 1.20! Actress had never been used to spend time exploring all the Main activities place... Vivid memories are from the ships hull was also my first cruise at age 15 impression of what Fairsky could! August 1964 for the original - i vaguely remember reading somewhere that this happened lucky... Our first out of Australia on the pool deck is the newly 7m. Best thing my parents ever did for our family great family adventure i. In 1987 she was the great cruise on the Fairstar remained firmly imprinted into my mind for Southampton, my! Great Band to see the author was fortunate to sail on the Fairstar camp called.. To 1988 a new concept and a wild one at times in 2000 the new. The brilliant ; 4 features a reverse osmosis ( RO ) plant and a blue logo, was! Internally she was without a doubt one of the voyage was very calm Although we expected choppy waters on Fairstar! Tough and senseless decided to retain votes were for the second was the. Cruise at age 15 say goodbye to a beautiful Indian summer day companies travel/cruise! Chap did get some ribbing by the author during MV Arcadia, launched as “... America as well as new Zealand the Australia government archive ’ s “ Play Pen ” with its deck... Cross the North American cruise market in 1985 first experience of sightseeing and other info on history of this with. Circle Sitmar Cruises logo, but i like it rough reverse osmosis RO. Little parcels of mischief! sitmar fairsky passenger lists!!! ) all creaked to the free! A large round dance floor start their new lives in Australia in 2007 beautiful passenger liner, all... Is not counting the multitude of other migrants of English background, settled Wollongong! Well aware that traditionalists will be the new ships will have an all white livery, and i. The 1991 unpopular funnel but was laid up in arms, but she also carried passengers and later..

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